“We had a fabulous experience working with Kirsten.  She took our vision and turned it into reality.  Kirsten has the unique ability to know what you are looking for…she was right on from the very beginning.  Kirsten ended up working with a few of our friends, each couple having different styles and we were all very pleased and the end products were stunning.  Every time we have a new visitor to our home,  they comment on the design, the flow and the 'feel' of our home.  We simply could not have accomplished this without Kirsten.  I would highly recommend Kirsten and Sjol Designs…her personality, knowledge and ability to put it all together is unparalleled!"
-The Sabini’s, Reno, Nevada

“We have worked with Kirsten on two significant projects over the last eight years:

(1)    7000 square foot desert home, furnishings, furniture, art. Sjol Designs cost $800,000
(2)    1,500 square foot office redesign, reconstruction, furniture, art, audio/visual equipment. Sjol Design cost $300,000.”

“Kirsten gets it. She quickly grasps your tastes and budget and offers alternatives that fit both. She gracefully steers you away from making mistakes. She is bright, experienced, energetic and always enthusiastic. If there is a problem, she fixes it.

When the next project comes up, Kirsten gets it”.
 - M of Mand J, San Francisco & Palm Springs

“We were looking for a high designed look for our 3200 square foot flat in downtown Boulder, Colorado. We wanted something that did not have that Colorado mountain cabin look and wanted a fresh eye from the West Coast to help us create a unique living environment. Kirsten was instrumental in assisting us with many of the finish materials selections as well as the furnishings for our new home.

We took her from San Francisco, to Colorado, to North Carolina to select furnishings and then back to San Francisco, it was a long trip and we had a great time. Kirsten has a wonderful ear for her client’s goals and needs, and offered us many creative options in regards to working within our budget. She came back to Colorado a few months later to install our furnishings, just the way we had planned during our move.  It helped us tremendously to have her complete the entire look. Kirsten is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. She has the skills to help alleviate the stresses associated with preparing a new living space”.
- Sheila and Orley, Boulder, CO